Workshops Offer Instruction on Using Social Media for Business

twitter-117595_1280On Saturday, I attended “Get Social,” a social media workshop presented by fleur de lisa solutions. The topic for this particular workshop was Twitter. Now, I have three Twitter accounts for different purposes, so I am familiar with the platform — but 95 percent of what I learned was information I hadn’t known before. I was amazed by all the components of Twitter, most of which remain unknown by general users.

Twitter is a social media platform, but it is quite different from Facebook in many ways. Did you know that there are apps designed specifically to improve your Twitter capabilities? Did you know that Twitter’s analytics — its demographic information about your followers — is more in-depth than Facebook’s? Well, neither did I. This information alone was worth the cost of attendance.

I know that small business owners often struggle with finding the time and maybe even the funds to attend workshops like those offered by fleur de lisa solutions, but believe me when I say that it is worth every effort to learn about social media marketing for your business. Digital marketing has specific advantages that print advertising does not: it’s cheaper (and even free!) and it has a much greater reach — if you are utilizing social media to its fullest capabilities.

Owners of larger businesses should consider sending an employee in their Communications or Public Relations department to attend these workshops. The knowledge they bring back to your company can be incorporated into your current marketing and customer relations strategies, and will benefit your business a thousand times over.

These workshops are currently held on the third Saturday of every month at Cloud 9 Cafe, Wyomissing, from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. Contact Lisa Balthaser at fleur de lisa solutions for more info.

The next workshop is June 18th, and I sincerely hope to see you there.

Ten Reasons to Shop at Independent Businesses

1. It supports your own community’s economy.

2. It supports the business owners and their families, who may live in your town or in neighboring towns.

3. Many small businesses purchase their products locally. Franchises and chains must buy their product as dictated by their corporate rules.

4. Large corporations can generate a lot of waste. A small business usually doesn’t. Most recycle, reuse, help the environment and prevent waste.

5. By keeping businesses in your town, you are helping to provide jobs for those they employ.

6. You will often get better service at a local business, because the owner has a sincere interest in your satisfaction. He is not just there for the pay check.

7. Dealing directly with the owner of a small business gives you, the customer, a more personal connection.

8. The owner will be knowledgeable about the product he is selling to you.

9. Business owners are constantly asked to donate to local events, churches, sports and school organizations. You can show your appreciation of their support by shopping there.

10. Because without you, they will not survive.