Ten Reasons to Shop at Independent Businesses

1. It supports your own community’s economy.

2. It supports the business owners and their families, who may live in your town or in neighboring towns.

3. Many small businesses purchase their products locally. Franchises and chains must buy their product as dictated by their corporate rules.

4. Large corporations can generate a lot of waste. A small business usually doesn’t. Most recycle, reuse, help the environment and prevent waste.

5. By keeping businesses in your town, you are helping to provide jobs for those they employ.

6. You will often get better service at a local business, because the owner has a sincere interest in your satisfaction. He is not just there for the pay check.

7. Dealing directly with the owner of a small business gives you, the customer, a more personal connection.

8. The owner will be knowledgeable about the product he is selling to you.

9. Business owners are constantly asked to donate to local events, churches, sports and school organizations. You can show your appreciation of their support by shopping there.

10. Because without you, they will not survive.

What do you think?

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