Don’t Throw Money Away — Proofread

Today’s post is a continuation on the topic of proofreading.

This original photo shows a large banner that takes up this local business’s entire storefront window. Do you see what’s wrong? The word “stationary” means “not moving.” The correct word is “stationery.”

Photo by Dawn Heinbach

As far as “big deals” go, some people may think this is not one of them. But consider: how much do these banners cost? Some can be purchased for less than $100; some that are more durable for outdoor use with a longer lifespan can cost a few thousand dollars. If you are going to spend a significant amount of money buying a banner, also spend time — a minute or two is all it takes — to proofread every word on the banner for spelling. If there’s punctuation on the banner, check that, too. Even if you’re not plunking down a huge chunk of cash, can you afford to waste money on something you won’t be able to use?

Banners often serve multiple purposes, and this is how a business gets their money’s worth from the cost. Besides being hung in the business location, banners are also taken to trade events and hung at the business’s booth or display. A banner that contains an error cannot be used for that purpose.

If you read the banner, you’ll notice that one of the products this business offers is vinyl banners. If you are not good at spelling and you submit your banner for them to print, do you trust that they are going to proofread it for errors? Do you trust a business to do a good job on your printed materials if their own sign contains a spelling or wrong word error?

There are some consumers who won’t care about a misspelling on a sign, but remember that spelling is also about you. Why present your business in a less-than-stellar way? When putting a message out there — whether it be on a banner, a print ad, menu, social media, or blog post — always represent your business in the most professional way possible. That includes correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Not doing so lessens your credibility and potentially, your income.

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