Branding, Schmanding — Who Needs It?

Lucky Brand emblem on jeans

What is branding?

You’ve heard the word, and you think you know what it means. If you’re a small business owner, you might think that it doesn’t even apply to you — but it does. Oh, it most certainly does.

One of the simplest concepts of branding is that your company represents a specific idea or emotion to customers. Here’s a quick exercise. Take a minute to view each logo below. What do you think of when you see them?


Lesux Name Emblem-J.Les Galnous Flickr



McDonalds Logo neeky_b Flickr



G4 Powerbook Apple Logo-KevinT.Houle Flickr




Walmart Logo

(All images from Flickr Creative Commons.)

Your Own Brand

Now, think about your own company’s logo or name. What do you want your business name to represent to your customers or clients? Do you think it does?

Branding is a combination of colors, logo and content that projects your brand identity over social channels, in print, and everywhere your business appears. However, building an authentic identity is more than how you appear on the printed or digital page. It goes much deeper and includes how you respond to customer complaints, your processes, company culture, and even your employees. Without a clear identity, your content, social media posts, and your employees could be delivering the wrong message — and that can easily result in loss of current customers as well as loss of potential business.

Get a Free Evaluation

Want to know if your current content is representing your company identity the way you want, at the most basic level? To help you hit 2018 running, for a limited time I am offering a FREE evaluation of your website content OR print content. This includes:

  • Two pages of your website. This can include a blog post.
  • Two pieces of your printed material, such as a brochure, white paper, poster, or news release (word limit: 1,000 each)
  • Copy and line editing
  • A brief in-person meeting to deliver and discuss my recommendations or, if you prefer, recommendations will be emailed

Contact me by phone or email to request your free evaluation.


What do you think?

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